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This is a scriptures script created for use while chatting. It was primarily developed for xchat, however, a stand alone command line version is now available that should enable people who use other clients to be able to use it as well.

The current implementation supports an unlimited number of bible translations. Now you can add whatever bible translations you have available even if they are not freely distributable! I have included some scripts to aid in the conversion of Sword modules to a format this script can use. I have also included a script to convert the HTML version of the NAB bible to a format this script can use.

But wait! There's more! In addition to the bibles, I have also included support for various apocryphal books, the Book of Mormon and Doctrine & Covenants, 3 Quran translations, and Strongs Dictionaries.

All bibles that are downloadable from my project page are in the public domain or are allowed to be distributed for non-commercial private use. The Mormon scriptures that I have made available are not public domain, but are free to use for non-commercial purposes according to their homepage.

PLEASE NOTE: all data files are compressed with bzip2 to conserve space. If you want to use this script you will need to have bzip2 available on your computer.

Sorry. I don't do windows so you will not be able to use this script in the windows version of xchat.

To obtain ScriptureScript, please go to the project page at sourceforge.

Here are some links of interest related to various bible translations I have.

Be sure and check out The Sword Project. They have great bible study software for a number of different platforms, including windows, linux, mac, and several PDA's.

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